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We provide placement opportunities to prospective students seeking to study abroad.


About Us

Our goal is to exceed the expectations of students and our partner institutions thereby building a sustainable business relationship.






Wondering what to do next? We will counsel you best to understand your interests, talents, devotions, and finance.


With our experiences and expertise, we make sure that our customers’ applications are processed correctly at right time.


We provide you with the best guidance for proper documentation to make decisions in your favor.


Edusearch team provides complete orientation classes on the processes involved before flight and travel departures.

As an educational consultant, we take seriously our responsibility to provide genuine counseling and guidance to the student. With our expertise, we provide tailored solutions that meet the needs of prospective students and satisfy their quest for success. 

Our team is made of smart and dedicated professionals who are passionate about their job. It can indeed be very daunting for prospective students to choose the right study destination, from a wide array of courses and accredited universities, and meet the requirements for both admission and visa application. Edusearch is poised to streamline the entire process and maximize your chances of success.

Some of our Destinations

Have you always wanted to visit Canada and explore more? We got you covered as we make your dream a reality.

Get visas and applications to Cyprus with few and easy steps as we journey you through the process.

Let us be your gateway to exploring the north-western coasts of Europe and the British Isles.

Our destinations expand as wide as the Dutch and its beauties.

Are you applying for a student, Visit, or dependent visa in the USA, we make it possible for all types of students, Work, and families.


The Edusearch team know what they are doing, they are tested and trusted. I like mostly how they were always willing and available to talk to me throughout the application process.



I had always wanted to travel to Europe and even applied for a visa but it was not processed when due. I contacted Edusearch Consult and I am currently in London, no stress or delay.



Edusearch consult is a travel agency I would recommend to anybody wishing to travel abroad or any immigrant as they are a trusted and quick-to-deliver agency.